Welcome to St Peter's Church in Petersfield.

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Beta Open Discussion on Mercy

The Beta discussion on Mercy will be in church on Tuesday 6 August.  Coffee from 7pm, discussion starts 7.30pm.    What do we mean by God’s mercy?  How can we show compassion in our service of others? Everyone is very welcome!

Sunday Night Service, 18th August at 6pm

Approaching the end of the summer, this service will focus on endings and letting go. Endings that give us reason to celebrate.  And endings that we lament. If the weather allows we will gather outside for a short and gentle service that encourages us to free the heart and look beyond endings. 

 Hot chocolate and doughnuts afterwards.  

Beta Open Discussion on Generosity: Tuesday 3rd September at 7pm

The Beta discussion on Generosity will be in church on Tuesday 3 September.  Coffee from 7pm, discussion starts 7.30pm.  How should we respond to God’s abundant gifts?  Everyone is very welcome!

Events at St Peter’s

St Peter’s Church Fete, Saturday 7th September, 11am-3pm

Cross Keys

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