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Sunday Night Service, 6pm on 20th January

January is a time of resolutions and new promises for the year ahead.  And so in our January Sunday Night Service we will be looking at God’s promises to humanity and remembering some of our own promises to God and to our loved ones.  Join us in the fun of making traditional kites.  The kite tails will be fashioned from our very own promises and prayers to God.  When you get home you can fly your kite up to the highest height!  Come along and join in this Mary Poppins inspired service on 20th January at 6pm.  And stay for hot chocolate and doughnuts afterwards.    

Gamma Open Talk & Discussion from 7pm on Tuesday 22nd January

The Gamma talk and discussion on Abiding will be in church on Tuesday 22 January.   What does it mean that we abide in Jesus and he in us?  Coffee from 7pm, talk at 7.30pm. Everyone is very welcome!

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