Play Mat

The Play Together play mat

Puzzle Table

The Play Together puzzle table

Play Together is a drop in and play Parent & Child group, open to all. It meets from 9.30-11am in the St Peter’s Church Hall in St. Peters Road every Monday during Hampshire School term dates.

Adults are offered hot drinks on arrival whilst the children have an hour of free play with the variety of toys in the hall. Craft activities, paint, play doh, quiet areas, construction, slides and rockers, role play and soft safe baby areas are the usual at the group, with toys being rotated weekly. Great enthusiasm and noise reigns over that hour!

Paint Table

The Play Together paint table

About 10.30am the bells ring out signalling ‘tidy up time’. All hands help to restore order to the hall before the children are encouraged to sit down and share a healthy snack and drink. A focussed song time after snacks is popular with the repertoire slowly increasing. The ‘goodbye song’ at around 11am signals the end of group and the time to start for home.

Toilets and baby changing facilities are available, and there is usually a spare pair of hands to juggle a baby or catch a toddler if needs be!


Action for Children staff normally drop into Play Together once a month to offer support to any families needing help and advice on subjects as wide as potty training and toddler tantrums.

Play Together charges £1 per family each week to help cover the costs of the snacks and to buy new resources. Do come and join us one Monday morning.