What is St Peter’s doing?

Firstly- praying- morning and evening, every day, for the town, for an end to this disease, for the safety of each of us.

Secondly- keeping everyone safe. We’re delighted that church church is open for peace and prayer, and that services in church are once more at the heart of our life. In the week the church is open between 10 and 12. There’s hand sanitiser in the porch, and someone will be there to make sure you feel safe. We ask everyone to take a slip of paper as they come in and leave in on their seat when they leave, so that we can wipe down the chairs every day. The votive candle stand is there for you to light a candle and say a prayer. Our COVID risk assessment, which informs how we open the church and plan events, is here.

If you come to a service, to the Friday 11am communion, or to a Sunday service, we ask that you book ahead using the link on the homepage. We are determined that every service will be safe, and that everyone who wants to come to church, can. If we cannot fit you safely into the 8am traditional communion service or the 9:30am and 11am modern communion services, we will invite you to a service at 5pm, and we’ll hold as many services as we need. Seats will be allocated so that everyone is safe and a safe distance apart. If you cannot come to church, services will be online as they have been throughout the pandemic.

Thirdly- we are looking at new ways to be a family. Groups are meeting online and by zoom. If you’d like to meet and talk to people, please contact the office.

Fourthly- we look after each other. If you’re stuck at home, if you’re ill or need some help, please call the Vicarage on 01730260464.

We are the church, as completely and fully as we ever were. We’ve adapted and continued as a family through this crisis, as the church has through countless crises before. We will continue to adapt, to worship, to love God and each other as the situation before us changes.