Geraldine Maynard-Hoare – Guild of St Luke Co-ordinator

The Guild of St. Luke For Healing has existed at St. Peter’s for many years.
We invite anyone to join our meeting, which is held on the fourth Thursday of every mouth, at 2.00pm in the Lady Chapel. There is a set service, providing a quiet time of prayer and worship, with the laying on of hands at the conclusion.
A prayer list is kept and those who request it are remembered in a particular part of the service.
It is hoped that those who take part will find it a beneficial experience and afterwards leave with the realisation that the Holy Spirit has touched them in a special way. Confirmation of God’s love for us, or words of encouragement may be given.
It is good to approach any healing service, for ourselves or others, with an air of expectation. Jesus does not always minister to us in a way we expect, so be open to what he has to impart to you, personally. Do not fear Jesus, for has given us free choice but understand, He may wish us to change our way of thinking, or make adjustments in our lives.
We can approach Him with a full assurance that He loves us as we are. God isn’t like our earthly fathers making demands on us and always has the approach of a ‘real gentleman’, guiding with love and care, never overpowering. He asks us to be explicit and persistent with our application, knowing that He has all the time in the world.