What is St Peter’s doing?

Firstly- praying- morning and evening, every day, for the town, for an end to this disease, for the safety of each of us.

Secondly- keeping everyone as safe as we can. This means not meeting together as we are used to, for fellowship- like the Refresh cafe; for learning- like the Lent course; for worship on Sunday. What makes us the church is not when and how we meet, but how we grow in God’s command to love Him, and to love our neighbour as ourselves. At the moment we show that love for our neighbour by stopping our gatherings.

Thirdly- we are still a family, so we look for new ways to be a family. We’re phoning everyone, to keep in touch and to make sure we’re ok. And the praise and worship which brings us together will now be on this website. We’ll put the words of the service here, so you can read and pray. It’s important that we try to pray together at the same time, at 9:30 on Sunday morning, so that we can be together in time, if not in space. We’ll put up sermons and prayers, and if you can think of something else, we’ll put it up too.

Fourthly- we look after each other. If you’re stuck at home, if you’re ill or need some food, please call the Vicarage on 01730260464- there are volunteers willing to shop and deliver supplies for you. If you’re able to help, please call the Vicarage, and we’ll help you to help others.

We are still the church, as completely and fully as we ever were. We’ve just got to find the best way to be the church, and to be faithful to each other and to God in these different and difficult times.