The I am sayings: I am the good shepherd, I am the bread of life, I am the light of the world, I am the way, the truth and the life, I am the vine, I am the resurrection and the life.

John 2:1-11, trust. John 2:13-22, making space for God. John 2:23-25, God knows us. John 3:1-10, on knowledge and understanding. John 3:11-16, trust. John 3:17-21, judgement. John 3:22-24, on Christ’s presence. John 3:25-30, on empathy. John 4:1-6, on weariness. John 4:7-15, on openness to God. John 4:16-24, on the whole truth. John 4:25-27, on the ruler of all things. John 4:27-30, He knows us. John 4:31-34, on what feeds us. John 4:35-37, on sowing and reaping. John 4:39-42, on trust. John 4:46-50, on love. John 4:50-54, on trusting those we love to Christ. John 5:2-9. How Christ is close at hand. John 5:9-13, on priorities. John 5:14-18, on holiness. John 5:19-24, From what we can see, to what is beyond our imagining. John 5:25-30, on life. John 5:31-38, on belief. John 5:36-47, on scripture.

John 6:1-15, on sitting down and receiving. John 6:16-21, on trust and the voice of God. John 6:22-24, on giving thanks. John 6:25-35, on the works of God. John 6:35-40, on the will of God. John 6:41-51, on being taught by God. John 6:52-59, on the Bread of life. John 6:60-71 on difficult teaching. John 7:1-13, on trust. John 7:14-18 on God, good and stained glass windows. John 7:19-24, on rules and truth. John 7:25-31, the familiar face of God. John 7:32-39, on thirst and the Spirit.  John 7:40-52, on knowledge and truth. John 8:1-11, on judgement. John 8:12-20, on knowing ourselves. John 8:21-30, on what we do not know. John 8:31-38, on truth and freedom. John 8:39-59, on pride. John 9:1-12, on being blind. John 9:13-34, on thinking. John 9:35-41, on faith. John 10:1-6, on sheep and shepherds. John 10:7-10, on life. John 10:11-18, on value. John 10:19-30, on the familiar voice of God. John 10:31-39, on knowing yourself.

John 11:1-16, on how God knows you. John 11:17-27, on peace and generosity. John 11:28-37, on knowing and trusting. John 11:38-44, on death and life. John 11:45-53, on the weight of the world. John 11:54-12:8, on unnecessary actions. John 12:9-19, why follow Christ? John 12: 20-26, courage and hope. John 12:27-36, walk in the light. John 12:36-43, on hard and soft hearts. John 12:44-50. Not judged but saved. John 13:1-11, on baptism and service. John 13:12-20. Being made servants. John 13:21-30, choosing light or darkness. John 14:1-7, trust. John 14:8-14, on being satisfied. John 14:15-24, on good and love. John 14:25-end, on peace. 

John 15:1-11, the vine and the branches. John 15:12-17, on friendship. John 15:18-25, on belonging. John 15:26-27, on sharing Christ. John 16:1-4, on when things go wrong. John 16:4-11 on sin, righteousness and judgement. John 16:12-15 on the Holy Spirit and truth.