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The Main Door Lock

by revwillhughes
Lock back on the door

I did this quite some time ago, but if you’re that way inclined (like me) it’s quite interesting. The main door wouldn’t shut and was blowing open during services which is certainly not ideal in the winter! All that was needed was just a good clean and grease of the parts and it works fine. Here […]

An Angel Eye View

by revwillhughes
View of St Peters Dais

Recently we needed a scissor lift so that the Architect who looks at the Church could reach a hatch safely. I saw an opportunity to get some of the very very high up bits of the Church clean and take these lovely photos which I wanted to share with you. They are a bit raw, […]

Nesting Ladybirds

by revwillhughes
nesting ladybirds

I had to install a new window mechanism in the bell tower and all around the pulley were dozens and dozens of ladybugs! I’m afraid that I woke quite a few of them up installing the new rope, but hopefully they will go back to sleep for the winter. Well, at least until the bells […]