The life and ministry of St Peter’s is ongoing, but our financial situation is very different during the time the church is closed.

All our different ways of funding the life of the church- hall bookings, weddings, concerts, fetes, collections, have stopped. The only money we receive now is what is given by regular planned giving, and the money the solar panels generate. We have no income from the diocese or the national church- all our income comes from you.

We’ve cut back our expenses every way we can, but we still have to keep the buildings going, and there are a lot of ongoing costs to the church, the hall and the office, even when we’ve shut down whatever we can.

This means that St Peter’s is going to be running at a large loss for some time. We’ll find ways to keep doing what matters most, but if you can help, and are willing to set up a direct debit, or use the excellent ‘Parish Giving Scheme’, it will enable us to keep going. Please call 01730260213, or e-mail to set up a way of giving.

Any amount will help.