The Lent course this year will be “Praying the psalms”, an introduction to using the psalms to bring the whole of life’s ups and downs before God in prayer. These prayers, which are an often undiscovered treasury of the church, are especially valuable in a time such as this when many of life’s certainties seem to have been overturned.

The Lent course will have two parts:

  • Each week there will be four short meditative videos on this page (scroll down to see these), each reflecting on and praying with a beautiful psalm. There will be a theme connecting the four psalms each week. The videos are being made by Rev’d Helen.
  • On Tuesday evenings at 7pm there will be a zoom meeting to study and share thoughts on the four psalms. We’ll read the psalm through together, and then have a discussion about it. The link will be in the weekly email newsletter, or you can contact the Parish Office on 01730 260213 to get it.
  • There will be a taster session on Shrove Tuesday, 16th February, at 7pm; contact the Parish Office as above to get the link.

You are welcome to do either the meditation video or the discussion or both. Each video and meeting will stand alone and can be accessed separately.

Reflection 1: Introduction to the Psalms

The Church of England Common Worship Psalter is available here.

Reflection 2: Psalm 1

A copy of Psalm 1 is available here.

Reflection 3: Psalm 19

A copy of Psalm 19 is available here.

A copy of Psalm 63 is available here.

A copy of Psalm 84 is available here.

Reflection 6

A copy of Psalm 122 is available here.

Reflection 7

A copy of Psalm 27 is available here.

Reflection 8: Psalm 130

A copy of Psalm 130 is available here.

Reflection 9: Psalm 123

A copy of Psalm 123 is available here.

Reflection 10: Psalm 139

A copy of Psalm 139 is available here.

Reflection 11: Psalm 62

A copy of Psalm 62 is available here.

Reflection 12: Psalm 42

A copy of Psalm 42 is available here.

Reflection 13: Psalm 137

A copy of Psalm 137 is available here.

Reflection 14: Psalm 38

A copy of Psalm 38 is available here.

Reflection 15: Psalm 13

A copy of Psalm 13 is available here.